Our Mission

YellowFlowersBring Back the Beautiful Monarch Butterfly to Malibu, a traditional nesting location. 

For generations, tens of thousands of Monarch Butterflies have “over wintered” in Malibu.

But today, their population is drastically diminished because of:

  • over-trimming and cutting down of sycamore and eucalyptus roosting sites;
  • use of pesticides; and,
  • elimination of milkweed -the plant on which Monarch Butterflies lay their eggs.

Monarch butterflies are a visible element of our Malibu ecosystem.  The rapid elimination of the monarch butterfly sends us a warning signal. Some people liken it to the “canary in the coal mine”.

We should be careful to not disrupt the Malibu environment that we love.

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Header image from www.vecteezy.com.